Rum Point

A Baseball Novel

Set on the gulf coast of Florida and the Cayman Islands, this novel provides a unique blend of modern mystery thriller and baseball narrative. It tells the story of Felicity Lindsay, a small-town police officer who finds a battered murder victim on the beach. Her curiosity about the crime eventually leads Felicity and her father, the alcoholic manager of the local major-league baseball team, into a deadly confrontation with a drug cartel.


Wilber will exhilarate, startle, and dazzle you.

Michael Bishop

award-winning author of the baseball fantasy, Brittle Innings

With Rum Point, Rick Wilber has given us a police thriller with an intriguing heroine, a likable TV evangelist, and a rousing mix of curves and fastballs

Jack McDevitt

award-winning author of Time Travelers Never Die

Wilber displays a deft touch … as Rum Point rushes towards an explosive, frenetic conclusion. This is an engrossing engaging novel that should cause you to look forward to Mr. Wilber’s next work of fiction.

Mike Shannon

Spitball, the Literary Baseball Magazine

(Rick) Wilber has the kind of voice that makes the writing transparent, in that the reader connects directly with characters and emotions. His vibrant sense of wonderful locales is that much gravy.

Tim Dorsey

author of Nuclear Jellyfish

Rick Wilber is the sort of writer lots of us like to turn to at the end of a long day: relaxed, inventive, knowledgeable, good-humored, and honest right down to the core. This man tells you the truth, a quality that may be unsettling sometimes, but is never less than absolutely refreshing. Wilber knows how to do justice to the nuances of a complex story, and he deserves a huge readership.

Peter Straub

author of Lost Boy, Lost Girl

Set in hometown St. Petersburg and the Cayman Islands, Rick Wilber’s Rum Point is a taut thriller/mystery in which a brave young woman cop and her baseball manager father battle to stop a violent pair of CIA types from building a drug-smuggling empire. The characters are compelling, the plot intricate, and Wilber even tosses a little baseball into the mix. Don’t miss it.

Peter Golenbock

author of George: The Poor Little Rich Boy Who Built the Yankee Empire