Media Matters

This innovative ebook is in production from Kendall Hunt and should be available for Fall 2017. It’s an introductory textbook for students interested in mass communications and for instructors interested in teaching students the history, current structure, and possible futures for the mass media. The book has chapters on books, newspapers and magazines, television, film, social media, libel law and ethics, media effects, journalism, public relations, advertising and more. A website for the book offers live links to updates and samples of content from television and film clips to sound bites to historic books in digital form and much more. The textbook’s goal is to inform the students and help them become media-literate, critical consumers of the media.

Modern Media Writing

Modern Media Writing, co-authored with Dr. Randy Miller, a colleague of Rick’s at the University of South Florida, is a college textbook for beginning media writers in Mass Communications and Journalism departments. The authors are at work on a new edition of the popular textbook.

Magazine Feature Writing

Magazine Feature Writing has been a standard college textbook for students interested in writing for magazines since it first came out in 1994. The book is currently out of print and Rick hopes to write a new edition sometime soon. The book is available through Amazon and other online booksellers.

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