Alien Day

Set on a near-future Earth and on the alien homeworld of S’hudon, Alien Day explores murderous sibling rivalries, old-school mercantile colonialism, ambition, greed, and the saving strength that can emerge from reluctant heroes called to do the right thing despite the odds.

Will Peter Holman rescue his sister Kait, or will she be the one to rescue him? Will Chloe Cary revive her acting career with the help of the alien princeling Treble, or will the insurgents on Earth take both their lives? Will Whistle or Twoclicks wind up in charge of Earth, and how will the Mother, who runs all of S’hudon, choose between them? And the most important question of all: Who are the Old Ones that left all that technology behind for the S’hudonni...and what if they come back?

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A truly original take on first contact, with accompanying threats of world domination and terrorism, all intertwined with nuanced explorations of identity, appearance, and gender. His complex cast of characters (human and S’hudonni) will live on in your mind long after you finish the last page.

Alan Smale

Sidewise Award-winning author of the Clash of Eagles trilogy

An original, engaging, wonderfully complex alien world…populated by unforgettable characters. Very highly recommended.

Julie E. Czerneda

author of the Web Shifter’s Library series

With a wry sense of humor and a host of fantastic characters, Rick Wilber’s Alien Day explores a near-future where the aliens have arrived and just want to make a profit from Earth. I really enjoyed this. Smartly written and cleverly plotted, Alien Day is sure to be a hit. Highly recommended.

Kevin J. Anderson

New York Times bestselling coauthor of Dune: The Duke of Caladan

Heather is the most memorable female character I’ve encountered since Wonder Woman showed up in 1941 as secretary for the Justice Society. Beautiful.

Jack McDevitt

Nebula Award-winning author of Seeker

Alien Day up the pace of the earlier, with deepening ideas about aliens and how we can respond to them. Wilber knows his stuff and the ride is racy!

Gregory Benford

Nebula Award-winning author of Timescape